Monday, January 14, 2008

How Exciting!

Since I have entered the WAHM world via Hyena Cart, I have found a world of WAHMs that I respect for their artistry, business sense, and just overall spirit for life. It is such a creative atomosphere, and I adore it. Sewing is my outlet, and sewing for sale supports that outlet, while giving me the ability to spend these precious early years with my little girls.

I was so honored on Saturday morning to be contacted by a group of artisians that I hold in the highest regard. The ladies at KandF Shops approached me to become a member of their wonderful congo (a collection of artisians selling their individual wares together for outsiders :)). Since I have started shopping WAHM, I have drooled on Fridays before the scheduled stocking time over these ladies' creations, and at times I have been lucky enough to snag a custom made item for myself or my children.

I will now be stocking with them at KandF, starting in early February. This group of women has welcomed me with open arms, and I feel so lucky and blessed to become part of this wonderful thing they have created. There are some wonderful plans in the works, so be sure to check us out!

Getting Ready for the Day of Love

Now that the big holidays are over, on to the ones with less stress!
I love getting ready for Valentine's Day, it's just so much fun! I am really excited this year that my four year old will be having a Valentine's Celebration in her classroom. I am still searching for the perfect little thing to make for her classmates for her to pass with the little Valentines she is already scoping out everytime we go to the store. She is just at such a fun age.
For once I planned the girl's holiday shirts far ahead of time (beats staying up half the night to finish them in time).
For my big girl, I made an embroidered raglan:

For the little girl, a matching reversed raglan:

And just for fun, I made a boy or gender neutral shirt for my shop at Hyena Cart. I have been saving this Mom Tattoo Embroidery for just this occasion:

I would love to see what you are making for your little valentines!