Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Quick Number Shirt

One thing I love doing as a sewing mama is making my kids number shirts for their birthday. As in, when they turn "1" they get a shirt with a number 1 on it. Maybe corny, but as they get old enough to learn their age, they think it is really neat.

One of my best customers contacted me this weekend needing a quick shirt for her son who is turning 10, the party is very soon. I was surprised when she mentioned a shirt with a 10 on the front, I knew I liked her :)

Here is the quick shirt I made up last night in order to get it out in time for the party:

I think it will do well for an older boy, especially since he chose the Mickey Knit himself!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Down on the Farm with Draya

My youngest daughter, who is now a whopping 19 months (how did that happen, by the way??) loves animals, especially cows. She seeks cows out so she can point and shout "Cow! Cow!" It's on the list of the cutest things she does :)

I saw this farm scene knit on Ebay, and instantly thought of her as I hit buy it now!

I turned the farm knit into a swingy spinny dress for her to wear. And added some blue cotton lycra flared leggings with a cow embroidered on them:

And my happy little model showing it off the next day. She kept pointing at the shirt and pants saying "Cow! Cow!" It made this sewing mama very happy.

Organizing the Stash

As any fabric collector or sewing mama knows, the one thing that can get out of control, and out of control quickly, is the stash. I love my stash, I have been collecting for awhile now, but it was out of control. I read about ruler folding on the Happy Zombie: and decided it might be a good idea. Besides, everyone at Sewing Mamas ( was doing it and showing off their beautiful and organized stashes! So I had to join in!

This was the most recent "Before" picture of my stash closet:

And the impressive "After" pics:

Quilter's Wovens, Bottom Weights, Solid Knits, Velours

Boys Printed Knits, Two Shelves of Girls Printed Knits, Fleeces

The best part is, now I can stack fabric on top of the shelves, too...making it easier to store!

And for all of you fabric addicts, here are closeups of some of the fabrics (I love looking at other people's stashes, so I figure maybe someone else likes it too? :))

Stripes, Camos, Christmas Knits, and a couple prints that wouldn't fit on the shelves :)

Boys Printed Knits

Girls Printed Knits, Shelf 1

Girls Printed Knits, Shelf 2

Thermals, Fleeces

Wovens and Bottomweights

Solid Knits and Velours/Terrys

I am just in love with how organized it is now, and I can actually find everything! Maybe this will motivate you to get folding your stash. And Thanks to the Happy Zombie!!

Little Bitty Boxer Briefs

I don't know why, but little bitty boxer briefs are my favorite things to sew. They don't take extremely long, and are so cute and satisfying to make.

This is one of my favorite recent creations, which went to a good home of a little boy who was getting a new Daschund for Christmas. He also got a matching raglan as a present from me :)


I am new to the blogging world, so bear with me as I figure this out.

I hope to use this space to share my sewing creations and other passions!