Monday, January 5, 2009

More sewing for the girls

I am still working on rounding out the girls winter wardrobes, specifically Draya, who seems to feel the need to outgrow everything with a few months of cold winter left to go! :) I made her this elephant shirt awhile back, so I made her some snuggly charcoal gray sweatpants to match:

She was really happy with her elephant pants. I put a stack of elephants on the leg, and I think it turned out really cute for a nice lounging and playing outfit. I love that elephant knit, but sadly I only have a bit more left. I am tempted just to hoard it until someone has a little baby girl I can sew for, it's so cute!
I had Draya try on her pants, and Abby asked, "What sort of pants will you make to match my VW shirt?" as I had made the elephant shirt and the VW shirt for her on the same day. It cracks me up that this kid is so used to having a mama that sews, she just expects things to be made up for her on request. But not wanting to disappoint, I made her a quick pair of velour yoga pants, with a VW embroidered on one leg:

She loved them! She did asked if she was allowed to wear these to school. I told her sure, they are really no different than sweatpants, and she's still in preschool, yoga pants are perfectly acceptable. Her reply: "Oh goodie. These are so soft and comfy they feel like pajamas so I will wear them when I want to be really comfy!" She is really all about comfort anyway, that's why she lives in her jammies. There may be some more yoga pants in her future so she can be comfy and warm all the time.